Our combined strengths are what set us apart

We are Idealists. Organisers. Nerds. We not only provide unfailingly reliable admin to our clients but, working as a team, we bring broad subject matter expertise to the table. We use this collective muscle to support clients and their businesses in ways that your average virtual assistant can't.


Trust us - we're legends.


"I craved stability and freedom at the same time. I'm a part of a great team but have infinite room to run and flex muscle in my area of expertise.

It's a really cool way to work."

- Karen Gallacher, DA, HR & Legal Specialist



What's your passion?

Exceptional admin skills are just part of what we're looking for in a team member. We value individualism, creativity and personal flair and we embrace each other's differences as well as common passions, like our shared obsession with technology.

We are a team that genuinely lets you be you. By encouraging our team's interests in and out of work hours and embracing our additional skills, we empower each other to do more of what we love.

This positive mind-set is reflected in our work and, because of it, we deliver exceptional service. From the websites we create to the meetings we schedule, we love what we do and it shows.

Does this sound like you?