From Fenced In to Free Range

 pedro melero head of operations scriba

The Swiss Army Knife personified

You could say I’m the back office muscle at Scriba, but my role goes beyond that of a traditional Business or IT Manager. Not only is my job varied, I get to do what I truly love, which is being creative and identifying and solving problems.

“What’s the process and how can we do it better?”

Prior to joining Scriba, I worked in large financial institutions as a software test analyst for many years. I enjoyed the work but the roles often lacked variety. My tasks were often dictated by the priorities of the project to which I was assigned and I had limited flexibility to prioritise my workload. I now have the freedom to work on my own terms and do things that excite me – making sense of problems and working at expert level in Excel.

My favourite work question is, “What’s the process and how can we do it better?” I wanted a job that was dynamic and exciting and now I have it. Plus, I absolutely hated my commute.

I knew Elizabeth personally and she mentioned that a client of Scriba’s needed advanced Excel help but lacked the skills in-house. I contracted for Scriba on that project, which led to more projects and taking on more and more of the client’s back-office work.

Elizabeth and Jonathan were keen for me to join the team as they found value in my diverse skill set. I am the Scriba Swiss Army Knife, which not only helps our company but our clients as well.

Stability vs Start-up

I took a leap of faith to join Scriba, walking away from a stable 14-year career and moved to a start-up, where things are known to be less than stable. I’ve never regretted the jump. I can honestly say for the first time in my working life, that I am passionate about what I do.

No two days are the same and, even though there’s a whole raft of things that need to happen each month to keep the business ticking over, I’m well supported by the team and have the time to engage with the things that drive me – daily variety and being able to use my knowledge to make things more efficient for Scriba and our clients.

pedro melero scriba 2.jpg

Joining Scriba has been amazing. I begin every work day walking my dogs, so I have a clear head by the time I’m at my desk. I no longer arrive at work feeling trapped in a bubble of commute-induced stress. I do work longer hours than I did before, but that’s entirely through choice and a readiness that comes from really enjoying the work. I am accountable and fully involved in the business and I know I’m a valued member of the team.

My role offers flexibility – If I want to take a longer lunch or I have an appointment during the day, it’s not a problem. The majority of my work can be done while mobile or at my desk. I love Scriba’s ‘you have gadgets, go be mobile’ approach.

Too good to be true?

I’d definitely recommend working at Scriba but it’s not for the feint-hearted. Speaking from personal experience, it takes courage to take on such new way of working. Some people imagine that it’s too good to be true or easy to work remotely. It takes self-discipline, patience, logic and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Opportunities like this are not fiction, nor do they come at the expense of productivity and success. Whatever the business, a trusted right hand is invaluable and there are even greater benefits when that right hand is an outsourced operation, comprising a multi-talented team. We work lean and we work hard but we have fun doing it.

If what we do at Scriba sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, why not connect with me on Linkedin or get in touch?