Being Self-Aware is a Pain in the Ass.

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Hello, my name is Elizabeth...

I'm an ESFJ. I'm also a High I. I'm also a 'Yellow', a 'Change Manager' and a 'Victim', 'Rescuer' and 'Bully' at times. Yep - I'm all of these things. And there I was, just thinking I was Elizabeth who co-founded a cool remote office services company called Scriba. 

More than likely, thanks to your company's Learning & Development department, you probably recognise at least one of the terms above. If you're a Meyers-Briggs fan, you'll see ESFJ and think, "yep, I can see that about Elizabeth." If you've done a DISC profile, you know that my High I status means that I am not afraid to be the centre of attention, I talk a LOT and accept most tasks with jazz hands at the ready. Apparently, I'm not to blame for pissing you off with my perkiness. I can't help it - it's how I'm wired. 

Psychometrics is a funny word

Most companies use some form of profiling or psychometric testing in employees' personal development plans. With our business coach, the Scriba team recently utilised PROPHET, which is a psychometric test registered with the British Psychological Society designed specifically for the development of teams to fast track business team performance.

The results from our personal and team profiles have helped us close the gaps in our team's alignment by developing a deeper understanding of each others' motivations and decision-making styles. The insight gained has helped Scriba implement team-based strategies very successfully, which has proved important as we're a distributed workforce. It's helped us recognise and leverage our strengths, value our differences and to pull together easily under pressure. Our goal is to create an incredibly strong team that is aligned with our organisational strategy. 

Without revealing too much personal information, it was insightful to realise that within our team, who all do the same role day-to-day, we have assertive influencers with boundless drive, creative blue-sky thinkers and jazz hand aficionados as well as more structured individuals who like data and process more than glitter and charging into battle. We're all highly organised in our work, but how we do that work and handle the related pressure is incredibly varied. 

You've said pain in the ass?

The thing is, friends.. you can take all the personality tests, profiles and quizzes you like, but it's what you do with the results that sets you apart. Let's be honest - behavioural shifts like altering your communication style to suit the motivations, needs and decision-making styles of others - can be exhausting. 

It's challenging to meet with someone and know that you'll get better results if you translate your message into language the other person needs to hear. It can feel weird to eliminate performance blind spots by NOT blurting out exactly what you're thinking if you're a blunt person or 'High D' as some would say. It's almost painful at times to watch someone process something in a way that doesn't seem natural or sensical.


So, yep. It's a pain in the ass and it can be tiring at times to put the needs of others first by thinking first and acting second. BUT - it's totally worth it and we've found that, with practice and consideration, it's now second nature within our small team. 

Now that we're self-aware and team-aware, the way we get things done has really changed. We look out for each other and meet each other's needs more. We think before we speak and tailor our comms whilst considering the needs of our audience. Yes, it adds an extra 'thinking step' to our day-to-day business lives but optimising our team behaviours allows us to enjoy increased productivity and easier collaboration. 

The assertive influencers with boundless drive? We don't bog them down with minutiae if we can help it. We set deadlines to help the creatives keep their feet on the ground and provide structure, process and data for the detail-orientated amongst us. 

It's exhausting being self-aware. It's also rewarding, beneficial and bonding. Teamwork makes the dream work, I say with my finest jazz hands on display. Goofy, but ultimately true. 


If Scriba's approach to personal development, teamwork and drive sounds like a team you'd like to be a part of or if you're looking for an amazing and self-aware virtual assistant with incredible communication skills, connect with me on Linkedin or drop me a line at

For more information on PROPHET and how it + coaching can help your team shift from good to great, contact Rachel Turner at Achieve Unlimited for more details.